Completed Projects, FP7

Development of Personalised Food using Rapid Manufacturing for the Nutrition of elderly Consumers




€ 3 million




36 months

Project details

The main idea of the PERFORMANCE (Development of PERsonalized FOod using Rapid MAnufacturing for the Nutrition of elderly ConsumErs) project was to develop and validate a holistic, personalised food supply chain for frail elderly persons living either in nursing homes, ambient assisted living facilities or at home (visited by nursing services) facing swallowing and/or masticating problems.

The supply “chain” in this case resembled a loop, with the elderly consumers forming the initial link (providing info on personal preference and needs) as well as the final link (consumption of the personalised food). As a result of the PERFORMANCE project, an overall concept was available which allowed the automated manufacture and supply of personalised, specially textured food for frail and elderly people.

The project was a multidisciplinary collaboration between SMEs in the field of food products and ingredients, a high- tech food equipment manufacturer, catering services, software developers, food and packaging technology providers, research institutes (food technology, process technology, packaging and logistics) and nursing homes. Led by Biozoon Food Innovations GmbH, the consortium was spanning five European countries – Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italty and Austria.

RTDS was leading the Dissemination & Exploitation work package and provided support to the project coordinator.