Completed Projects, FP6

Towards the harmonisation of analytical methods for monitoring quality and safety in the food chain




€ 12.3 million




60 months

Project details

MoniQA (Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the total food supply chain) was an FP6 Network of Excellence (NoE), which involved experts from around the globe working for safer foods by harmonising worldwide food quality and safety monitoring and control strategies.

The project was covering the safety and quality assessment of all foods and feeds including grains and crops, fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood.

Coordinated by ICC – the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, the initial network of over 155 scientists from 20 countries has grown to over 500 experts from some 40 countries from 5 continents. RTDS led the Dissemination and Exploitation and was responsible for financial and administrative management.

The NoE project was completed in January 2012 and is succeeded by the MoniQA Association.