MedResIn SEE

Medical Research Initiative South East




€ 300k




24 months

Project details

MedResIn SEE (Medical Research Initiative South Eastern Europe) was a Specific Support Action under the EU Framework programme 6 (FP6). It was set up to strengthen scientific and technological interaction and co-operation in biomedical research between the EU and South Eastern Europe, especially the Western Balkan countries.

Its aim was to facilitate future participation of Medical Universities/Faculties and Schools from Western Balkan countries in the relevant Priorities of the European Framework Programmes. Specifically, it was targeted towards creating a platform for the transition to FP7 in order to provide best possible starting conditions for biomedical research in Western Balkan countries, thus supporting their integration into the European Research Area (ERA).

The Consortium, led by the Medical University of Graz, consisted of partners from 8 countries, from Western Balkan countries as well as EU Member States.

RTDS was leading the training of the researchers in the areas of proposal development and project management.