Completed Projects, FP7

Enabling the drying process to save energy and water, realising process efficiency in the dairy chain




€ 5,9 million




36 months

Project details

ENTHALPY focused on the dairy powder production process and aimed to reduce consumption of energy by 60% and water by 15%. This reduction was achieved through the combination of improving existing and creating new, innovative technologies.

The ENTHALPY project examined four key areas along the production chain to achieve overall savings of water and energy through:

  1. more efficient pre-treatment of milk
  2. elimination of fine particles during spray drying
  3. recovery of heat and water present in the used drying air and
  4. more effective cleaning processes.

The consortium, led by Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), consisted of 2 RTOs, 5 universities and 11 industry and SME partners from eight EU Member States. An external industrial advisory board comprised some of world’s leading dairy processing companies.

RTDS was leading the Dissemination & Exploitation work package.