Completed Projects, FP6

The FP6 INCO project BOMOSA aimed at the development and demonstration of caged fish farming systems in reservoirs, ponds and temporary water bodies in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia & Uganda). The project pioneered small-scale fish farming in Eastern Africa which was implemented in order to establish rural aquaculture networks (coordinated in a “hub and plot” system) to economically integrate aquaculture with agriculture.

During the poject, fourteen BOMOSA plots were set up for research and validation, each served from hubs (fish farms/hatcheries) within each of the three countries. Farmers were trained to rear the fish in cages in their “plots”, harvesting them for fresh consumption as high protein dietary supplement and/or selling fish for generating additional income for subsistence farmers.

The lessons learnt, best practices, physical and socio-economic potential, risks and prerequisites for widespread uptake of the BOMOSA scheme were analyzed in detail and presented at the BOMOSA international conference in Kenya in September 2009.

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