Launch of SAGROPIA Project Website

March 12, 2024, marked a significant milestone for our Horizon Europe project SAGROPIA with the official launch of the project website. SAGROPIA – “Sustainable agriculture through novel pesticides using an integrated approach”, has embarked on a mission to revolutionize plant protection in European agriculture.

SAGROPIA will introduce thirteen biological and low-risk pesticides as alternatives to conventional chemicals, with a focus on potato and sugar-beet crops. With a consortium of 10 global partners, including research institutes and product development companies, the aim of the project is to integrate innovative solutions into holistic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. SAGROPIA seeks to reduce the usage of chemical pesticides by 50%, thus demonstrating a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. SAGROPIA runs from 2024-2028 and is coordinated by the RTDS Association.

The SAGROPIA website acts as the central hub of information for all project content. It infuses a contemporary and stylish aesthetic, creating an environment that encourages visitors to explore with curiosity, ultimately exiting with relevant and interesting information about SAGROPIA and the plant protection topics it covers.

At the heart of SAGROPIA’s ethos lies a dedication to responsible agricultural practices and the preservation of natural resources. The SAGROPIA website and the project’s logo design reflect these values, with a carefully curated color palette that symbolizes its mission and anticipated outcomes.

The choice of maroon as a primary color is not arbitrary; rather, it embodies the essence of fertile soil and conveys notions of control, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. This hue, infused with passion and appetite, is an indication of SAGROPIA’s unwavering support for sustainable farming and green development.

Central to the project’s visual identity, in the project logo, is the triangular shield, adorned with dark maroon and green hues. This symbolizes the safeguarding and security of plants, with maroon representing protection and green signifying a harmonious blend of technological prowess and eco-friendly innovation. Within this shield lies a vibrant green leaf, symbolizing the vitality of crops and agricultural growth. It serves as an emblem of nature’s resilience, intertwining the essence of tradition with the advancements of modern technological innovations.

SAGROPIA’s website launch not only marks a significant step forward in the project’s journey, but also seeks to provide a platform serving informative content and sharing knowledge on IPM and plant protection for potato and sugar-beet crops.

For more information about SAGROPIA and its steps towards groundbreaking initiatives, visit the newly launched website at

SAGROPIA (2024-2028) is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Union.

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Author: Reneema Hazarika, EU Project & Communication Manager, RTDS

Date: 21st March 2024

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