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Austrian innovation ecosystem and public funding support

Whether through community-driven ecosystems or governmental incentives, we have never seen innovation support in Europe to be this energetic. From Austrian national strategies, regional clusters, local initiatives or EU innovation funding, there are dozens of innovation ecosystems around the country helping the boldest and the brightest to scale up their ideas.

RTDS Group at the FFG FORUM 2018

RTDS participated at the FFG FORUM 2018, held on 13.09.2018 under the motto “Best of Austria meets Europe” for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Austrian business-research funding and the 10th anniversary of the Austrian national research agency (FFG)- the national Contact point for Horizon 2020.

Intellectual property in H2020: The research and innovation currency

Intellectual property might accumulate value for business and further research and innovation activities. Research and innovation projects usually require valuable background resources for its implementation. In the knowledge-based economy, Intellectual property is becoming one of the most valuable resources for research and innovation activities.

Open access, open data, open everything?!

Open access and open data are often heard buzz words in Horizon 2020 research and innovation proposals and projects. But what are you really obliged to do to fulfill the funding requirements? And, why is it also good for you?

€200 million more for EU research funding

Highly innovative solutions may require a significant investment of time and financial resources. The European Union is committed to maintaining its efforts to promote research and innovation in Europe, providing more researchers from public and private sectors the opportunity to participate in the EU funding program Horizon 2020, now worth even €200 million more.